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Financial Storytelling Workshop

Numbers tell a story.

Do you know the story behind your numbers?

Financial statements are simply stories about a business, told in numbers. When you understand the language of numbers, you will be able to tell the story behind those numbers and make better business and financial decisions!

Day 1

Balance Sheet story


Profit story


Cash Flow story

Day 2

EBITDA story

Financial Ratios story

StePH® Model Analysis

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to demystify the jargon and simplify complicated concepts into relatable and useful information for analysis and business decision-making.

A Class of its Own:
Resources for the
Financial Storytelling Workshop


We Make Finance Seriously Fun.

Financial Storytelling:
The Workshop

A 2-day course to get you to speak the language of business - finance and accounting with fluency.

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