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The Financial Storytelling Difference

Why is it called Financial Storytelling?

CFOO James combines experiences and stories of businesses when delivering programs, be it successful or failed ones to make learning more relatable. 

Teaching Philosophy

CAR - Comprehension, Application and Retention. 

Our learners will go through a three-stage learning process: CAR- Comprehension, Application and Retention. They will learn not just the concepts but also how to apply them in their business. Often, people find it hard to remember what they learned during training. With our highly engaging delivery style and learning retention strategies, our learners find it hard to forget what they have learned.



Application is about relevance and building skills that learners can apply to solve practical problems.  

After learning a simple to use StePH® financial story model, learners can easily apply what they have learnt to real world situations, such as reading financial statements and making sound business decisions.

Retention is about helping learners to remember key learning points. 

Storytellling is a powerful way to learn as compared to dry facts and figures. A Distinguished Toastmaster and regional speech champion, C Foo James masterfully illustrates every key point with a real business story to drive home the message, making learning memorable. Whether live in-person or virtual leaning, learners are engaged and entertained by C Foo James’ unique blend of fun and seriousness, making learning unforgettable.

Comprehension is understandability. 

Studies have shown that many people, if not most, are visual learners and are able to absorb information better visually as compared to learning without a visual component.

C FOO James’ love of drawing started when he was a child and it is now being used to help you understand the most complex of financial concepts better.

His unique Accounting in a Box® financial story cards help break down complicated concepts into comprehensible bite sizes for non-financial learners to easily understand.

As an invaluable take home learning resource, Accounting in a Box® acts as a silent coach to help learners  continually refresh their understanding and retain their learning in a fun way, long after the course is over, thereby multiplying training ROI. 


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