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Once Upon a Balance Sheet

Empower Your Financial Understanding

Discover the secrets to navigating financial discussions with ease.

Key Frameworks

Elevate how you manage, lead and operate with new understanding from Once Upon a Balance Sheet

Who Should Read this Book

Once Upon a Balance Sheet allows anyone to understanding finance and make better decisions.

Create Immediate Impact

James Leong

How the Book is Laid Out

By the end of this journey, you will have traversed the Sea of Jargon and arrived in the World of Illumination, where financial concepts are clear and comprehensible.


1. The Universal Law of Finance

Discover the three essential parts of a balance sheet—assets, liabilities, and equity.


Understand the equity and assets equations, and learn how the entity concept impacts financial statements.


4. The Performance Story

Master the income statement by understanding how performance is measured and reported.

Interpret financial results and make informed decisions.


7. Once Upon a Financial Ratio

Learn to use financial ratios to interpret the financial health and performance of a business.


Gain insights into liquidity, profitability, and efficiency.


2. The Famous

Delve into the five critical elements that drive financial performance and structure.


Learn the universal law of finance that governs these elements and how to evaluate the solvency of a business.


5. The Accrual

Understand the principles of accrual accounting and how they affect the financial story of a business.


Distinguish between cash flows and accrued revenues and expenses.


8. A Financial Storytelling Organisation

Integrate the knowledge to tell a compelling financial story.


Communicate financial insights effectively and drive your organization towards success.



3. The Strength

Explore the strength of a business through its financial structure.

Explore the organic and inorganic ways of growing a business and the two crucial components of equity you need to know.


6. The Health

Navigate the cash flow statement to evaluate the health of a business.


Understand the sources and uses of cash and how to manage cash effectively.

Change how you Manage, Lead and Operate

Unravel financial mysteries with our storytelling approach, making complex numbers and jargon comprehensible and engaging.

Boost your confidence and competence in financial discussions, enhancing your career opportunities and workplace effectiveness.

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