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Anyone CAN and SHOULD be empowered by numbers,
NOT fear it

Non-Finance Managers

Make finance less scary! Build your confidence with numbers. This course is also set up to build financial fluency in using the appropriate lingo when speaking with CEOs, CFOs, bankers, and investors to present a better business case and increase buy in. Learning and understanding finance also gives participants the edge to climb that corporate ladder.

Budding Entrepreneurs, Business Owners
& CEOs

Budding Entrepreneurs, Business Owners & CEOs

Time is money and money is time. Who really has time for long and dry courses? This program is suitable for the remarkably busy business owner or CEO.  What is important is that participants will understand finance better and make better business decisions


Many of us shy away or stay away from things that are unfamiliar to us. Financial Storytelling can help you on your way to building that investment portfolio by first helping you understand what to look out for in financial statements, aiding you in making better investing decisions.


Get the best career head-start by understanding the complex world of finance. Understanding finance means understanding business and the world around, this course  starts preparing those who are about to graduate for the career journey ahead.


Financial Storytelling

We make finance seriously fun 

The Mission

To help people demystify finance and build confidence with numbers.

Never a dull moment!

“Great instructor, engaging and lively, totally did not expect that a virtual class can be so engaging.”

“James makes the workshop interesting and concepts easier to learn using drawings and cards”

“James has made finance easier and less scary”



Financial statements are really stories about a business, told in numbers. Financial storytelling is the ability to translate these numbers into meaningful words to understand a business story. If you are a non-financial person trying to make sense of financial reports and feeling overwhelmed by financial jargon, this book can help to make finance as clear and simple for you as possible. You will learn to read key financial statements and use numbers to make better business and financial decisions. This book uses a fun, creative and visual approach to demystify complicated financial concepts and terms.

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